Every day when I exercise I begin by doing some kind of cardio exercise, like I used to do when I went to the gym. Right now I like to use the stationary bike but it doesn’t really matter what kind of cardiovascular exercise to do, as long as you do at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity spread out over the week.

I spend at least half an hour on the bicycle with intervals of different intensity as a warm up. The intensity matters on the songs I listen to, if the beat of the song is faster, I go faster and the more I like the song the better. Listening to music not only helps me with the speed but it also makes it more fun.

Exercise bike benefits

After doing this today, I started a new routine and it was very different than the videos I was doing. Those videos were 25 minutes long, today’s routine took me an hour to finish. Not every routine is supposed to be an hour long, they’re all different but I think it will take less time as I get used to it.

This week is going to be interesting trying to learn each of these routines on my own, not having someone tell me what to do or seeing how to do it but I’ll figure out how to do it.


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