I don’t know whyI was having so much trouble looking for an new exercise program to do after a finished Insanity. It’s been almost a month since a finished and today I started what should have been the most obvious choice, Insanity: The Asylum.

This program includes drills used by professional athletes. That’s exactly why I was so afraid to do it; I thought it might be too much, I am not an athlete. I didn’t think I would be able to get through one video but I did!

I had to do some modifications and had to take some breaks, but I finished the first video. I am very tired, but I did it, and now I know that I should get and agility ladder because they use it a lot during these workouts. I didn’t think I needed it, and I was able to do almost everything without it, but it would be so much better if I did have it.

Even while I was missing some equipment, like the agility ladder, it was still crazy, very fast and intense. I had no chance to get bored and I really liked that, that’s what I was looking for.


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