As of a few weeks ago I had to change the streaming service I used to workout. Now I’m using Apple Fitness instead Beach Body on Demand and the two are very different. Beach Body had a lot of different workout programs and Apple Fitness has hundreds of videos.

I was already used to using workout programs which had calendars telling me what video to do each day. I don’t have that anymore or if I do, I haven’t found it yet. However, I do like that there’s a huge variety of videos to choose from. There’s eleven different categories of workouts, each with over 100 workouts.

With so many choices it’s hard to get organized and decide what to do each day, that’s why a prefer have a calendar showing me what to do, but I also like the freedom to decide what I want to do. So far that has been working for me but I don’t know if at some point I should try to make some sort of routine or find if anyone has already made one.

With or without a routine, I will still try to exercise for thirty minutes or more every day, I have been able to do this for three weeks already.


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