On Friday, I successfully completed week one of Insanity Max: 30!

Finishing that first week is always the first challenge because it’s all new. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into and it might be to difficult to even do it again the next day. After that first week it’s just a matter of proving you’re willing and want to do it.

So after completing the first week and seeing that I could do it, I decided that I wanted to continue. Just knowing that I can is a great feeling. Insanity is a difficult workout program so anything similar, even if they are shorter videos, is going to be a challenge, especially after a TBI. But knowing that I could do one week just makes me want to see what else I can do.

We can take breaks when we “max out “ or get tired, but I am trying to hang on as long as I can. Today I maxed out more than on Monday last week and it was the same video but I’ll try to do better next week. Maybe it will be easier because it’s the same routine, the order of the videos doesn’t change from week to week like it did on T25.

So now that I know I can make it all five days of the week, because I already did it once, there’s nothing stopping me. Now I just have 7 weeks to go!


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