I was forced to take a day off of PiYo for an EEG today. This is the 24 hour test where 24 electrodes are placed on my head for 24 hours to track and record brain wave patterns. The abnormal patterns show problems,which in my case are seizures.

I always dread having this done, but it is starting to feel more normal once it’s all placed on, at least for me. I know I look weird with all the cables sticking to my head and carrying around the small bag, and it used to be very uncomfortable, but not anymore.

I’m my mind it even looked worse. I spent the last few days thinking I would look like a maniac with a million cables sticking out of my head, but it’s not like that. They’re just over my hair and if it wasn’t for the tape across my forehead, it looks kinda cool.

When I got last year’s results, I was told I still had some electrical activity that indicated seizures. I was told that it wasn’t a lot of activity but I still had to stay on anti seizure medication.

I know this year’s results probably show more or less the same thing but I hope there is less abnormal activity now. Even if I still need medication, I just hope the chances of me having another seizure keep getting lower.

I have already been seizure free for six years, almost seven and I want there to be many more.


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