The FDA just approved the sale of lacosamide tablets, which is the generic name for the anti-seizure medication, Vimpat. This is the medication that finally controlled my seizures and the one that I had trouble getting because of its cost. I hope that now that the FDA approved the sale of lacosamide it will be a lot more affordable.

My neurologist told me that it would be available this year but I was not sure when. Now the only problem is waiting for it to be available in Puerto Rico. I’m waiting to get a call back from Walgreens when they receive either the Vimpat or lacosamide and find out how much it is. If they still don’t have lacosamide I have a savings card for Vimpat that should only last for a couple of months. I really hope the generic is cheaper than the brand name one and they bring it to Puerto Rico fast.

Lacosamide – Epilepsy Foundation

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