I went for my first appointment of the year with my neurologist. I always like to go with someone in case he says something that I need to remember, gives me instructions or anything that someone else needs or should hear in case I forget. Today had to go by myself and I was a little nervous at first, I was ready to ask him if I could write down anything important the he said but, thankfully, I didn’t have to. I was also scared I would forget to tell him anything important but I told him I had Covid and about finding the generic equivalent for my epilepsy medication, Vimpat.

This was a big milestone for me, going to my six-month neurologist appointment by myself. The appointment went as well as they usually go, he didn’t change any medications because they have all been doing their job. He was as happy as he always is about me not having any seizures and he is very happy that I am just two months away from being seizure free for eight years!

He also asked about my blog, so I hope he is reading this!


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