What is epilepsy?

There is no way I can or would ever want to deny that I now have epilepsy. This has become one of the themes of this blog, I like sharing news I find interesting or are important about epilepsy to help other patients and to make people aware of this, but I want people to … Continue reading What is epilepsy?

Que? What? The brain injury is not an excuse

First of all, the storm never came. Second, today I read a very interesting article written by another brain injury survivor. In the article she talks about how she was caught off guard when a friend told her to "Quit using your brain injury as an excuse".  Her friend told her this after she asked … Continue reading Que? What? The brain injury is not an excuse

10 months! #epilepsyday

I was so focused on my interview today that I almost forgot that today is February 8. Today not only marks my 10 months seizure free, but it’s also International Epilepsy Day, both of which I almost forgot. It feels very random that my 10 months seizure free would fall on this day that we … Continue reading 10 months! #epilepsyday