After finishing my last workout program a week ago, my first attempt at a new program did not work. I was a little disappointed at first but quickly realized that I would much rather do something a little less intense before jumping into another program. That’s exactly what I did, I finished the week off with a couple of days of recovery Yoga.

Today I decided it was time to get started again and instead of jumping into a completely unknown program, I tried ChaLEAN Extreme, taught by the PiYo instructor, Chalene Johnson. I figured that if I liked PiYo, I would like this too, even though they are very different workouts.

This program uses resistance training instead of cardio. This Isa little new to me because I’m used to a lot of cardio but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was able to manage with the weights that I had here at home; they were not too heavy or too light, I wasn’t too tired after but I did feel like I worked out.

I’m ready to keep going, see what’s in store tomorrow and get an early start.


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