They day finally came, I was able to get my hand on Lacosamide or generic Vimpat, here in Puerto Rico. First of all, I would like to acknowledge my mom’s genius mind for suggesting we try Sam’s Club pharmacy instead of Walgreens, where they kept telling us it wasn’t available in Puerto Rico yet. When my parents asked at Sam’s, they were quickly informed that they did have Lacosamide.

My doctor sent the prescription yesterday and they had it ready for me to pick up today, but I haven’t gotten to the best part of it yet. One monthly dose of Vimpat, or 60 pills, would cost me $1065.75. I had read the lacomside dose would be half the price, which was about $500. That’s a lot of money but $500 instead of $1000 would have been a huge relief.

Well, I just picked up doses for the next three month for just $180! That’s one dollar per pill, which is amazing because Each Vimpat was $25. You can’t imagine how relieved and happy I am!

Thank you FDA for approving this generic drug, thank you Sam’s Club for bringing it to Puerto Rico and thank you mami for having the great idea of asking for it at Sam’s.

The pharmacist warned me that because this is the generic equivalent I should pay close attention to any changes and effects this new drug may have. My doctor is very confident that there won’t be anything wrong with taking Lacosamide so even though it scared me when she told me that, I’m not worried. They always have to give that warning just in case.


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