A better understanding of TBI

Now I understand better what happened. I know I hit my head, but I didn't really understand what happened and why it was called a Traumatic Brain Injury. I thought it meant that it was so scary that I would be, or should be traumatized. But apart from being extra careful when crossing the street, … Continue reading A better understanding of TBI


My aphasia

During my recovery, and after, I heard the word aphasia used by doctors and my family, a lot. I never knew what they meant by this, just that it was something caused by the accident. I now know that this is damage to the brain causing language to be impaired. This is why I was slower … Continue reading My aphasia

Food to remember

  I read this article about the new dietary guidelines, later I read another article about how nutrition is important during brain injury rehabilitation. As I read, the author said your brain needs nutrients to heal and I didn't think much of that at first, I hadn't really thought a lot about that. But, then … Continue reading Food to remember