Brain Injury Awareness Month 2018

It's January, otherwise known as Brain Injury Awareness Month, because of this I would like to share with you and all my readers some facts about brain injury which don't just affect the patient but everyone around him or her. This year's campaign in #ChangeYourMind which aims to help change everyone's attitude toward brain injury … Continue reading Brain Injury Awareness Month 2018


Brain Injury Awareness Moth: Not Alone

February was Epilepsy Awareness Month, March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. For the last two years and this year, 2015 to 2017, the campaign for Brain Injury Awareness Month has been Not Alone. Reminding people that we are not alone is probably one of the most important things for a brain injury survivor, at least … Continue reading Brain Injury Awareness Moth: Not Alone

Just a cheeseburger, please

Ok, I have this issue, but I don't know if I have it all wrong, or if it's everyone around me. It's no bid deal, but I just want to know if I'm wrong here. My problem is with food, hamburgers to be exact. I love them, I don't have a problem with them if … Continue reading Just a cheeseburger, please

11 months!

As promised last month, here is my poster for 11 months seizure free.  As I say every month, I can't believe I've made it this long seizure free.  Reaching a year will make me feel more accomplished than anything else I've done this past year. Just 1 more month!!!!!

Sing and dance in therapy

Experts: Music Therapy Has Dramatic Effect On Brain Injury Patients As I've mentioned before, I received music therapy in the rehab center I attended here in Puerto Rico, and I can say that what this article says is true. This not only helped me, but other patients who suffered strokes, and Parkinson's, as well as other … Continue reading Sing and dance in therapy

My aphasia

During my recovery, and after, I heard the word aphasia used by doctors and my family, a lot. I never knew what they meant by this, just that it was something caused by the accident. I now know that this is damage to the brain causing language to be impaired. This is why I was slower … Continue reading My aphasia

National Brain Injury Awareness Month

Today, we begin March, or Brain Injury Awareness Month. Because of this, I would like to dedicate all, or most of my blog posts to sharing information about TBI or other brain injuries. A brain injury is not something that just happened to me, this is something that we all should be aware of. There … Continue reading National Brain Injury Awareness Month