Post Graduate Certificate

My first attempt in taking a graduate class didn't go as well as I hoped, but I am ready to try again. I will start by taking one class in the Post Graduate Certificate at the best communications college in Puerto Rico, Universidad de Sagrado Corazon or Sacred Heart University. This will be just one more … Continue reading Post Graduate Certificate

A big change

I did not have Microsoft Word in my new computer, but I thought I could survive with OneDrive; that was until today. I tried to create a document for my job, but my computer just opened it in Pages, and my boss couldn't do anything when I sent it to her. After this, I felt … Continue reading A big change

Loan forgiveness for permanently disabled people

President Obama has a new plan that I think should have been passed a long time ago I have heard about this before but it didn't sound like a real thing, and now it does. This law would mean that "anyone with a severe disability is eligible to have the government discharge their federal student … Continue reading Loan forgiveness for permanently disabled people

I’m finally an adult who pays for her loans

You know that thing that there are not a lot of jobs? People can’t find jobs in Puerto Rico, even less for young people, and very few for writers. Oooh and there’s this other thing that right before you graduate, you have this horrible accident, so then you can’t work after you graduate. You can’t … Continue reading I’m finally an adult who pays for her loans

I got a job!!!!!

Today has been a great day. I had another job interview, which had now started to make me nervous as they hadn't gone very well in the past. I felt they went well, but I never got called back, and I was afraid the same thing would happen today, but it didn't. At todays interview … Continue reading I got a job!!!!!

10 months! #epilepsyday

I was so focused on my interview today that I almost forgot that today is February 8. Today not only marks my 10 months seizure free, but it’s also International Epilepsy Day, both of which I almost forgot. It feels very random that my 10 months seizure free would fall on this day that we … Continue reading 10 months! #epilepsyday

Good times and memories at Disney

Last week I was on vacation, away from all my worries. There was not a boring moment or day, every moment was filled with activities. From taking pictures with characters, to seeing the night sky light up with beautiful fireworks, it really was a magical vacation. I not only had pictures taken of me next … Continue reading Good times and memories at Disney

Are you kidding me?

After I proved to myself I could work out with a lot of people around me, I went to the gym at probably it's busiest time of the day, 7 p.m. Not only was it busy, but it closed in 2 hours, at 9, so I rushed through the routine, one exercise after the other … Continue reading Are you kidding me?

Sending more job applications

Today I was going to send out job applications, again, but I only sent one. I have a list of places to send my resume and cover letter just hoping they will have something for me. But this process is not easy and does not get easier. I have a new cover letter talking about … Continue reading Sending more job applications

A very dangerous job- Un trabajo bien peligroso

This morning on the radio, I heard they were talking about a politician in a car accident.  As I kept listening, representative Carlos Vargas Ferrer, crashed into a lamp post while driving this morning  They are still not sure what caused this but sadly he died. This also caused him to run over one of … Continue reading A very dangerous job- Un trabajo bien peligroso

Third Interview: Before and After

Third interview and I think I was more nervous than the other two before. Why? Well I kind of knew what to expect, I still didn’t know if I said what they wanted to hear. I thought it would be good to know what they were going to ask, but it wasn’t. It just made … Continue reading Third Interview: Before and After

I can’t believe it, another one!

Yesterday I got a call from the first job I applied to, calling me for an interview tomorrow morning.  This is unbelievable. I have had three interview in my search for a jog.  Three interviews! I applied for more than three jobs, but I was hoping I would be called back from at least one. … Continue reading I can’t believe it, another one!